Has DJ Khaled taken his infatuation with Nicki Minaj a step too far?

As everyone is quite aware of now, Khaled went on MTV Thursday to profess his undying love for Nicki, and even asked her to take his hand in marriage. With that proposal, Khaled whipped out a 10-karat diamond ring worth $500,000. But, despite his efforts, everyone was still left wondering--is this real?

According to HipHop365, Nicki found no endearment in Khaled's proposal, and actually saw it as just the latest move in a long list of questionable actions. He's sent her flowers several times, showed up at her shows all across the country, and has been overall overbearing. The Young Money rapper reportedly filed for a restraining order against Khaled in the state of New York.

Although, could both of these artists be staging this whole drama? YMCMB publicity stunts certainly aren't unheard of, as Nicki and Drake pretended to get married back in 2010 as a publicity stunt hoax.

Nicki still hasn't spoke publicly about the ordeal.

Source: rollingout.com