Earlier this month, Gucci Mane reached out to Instagram celeb Lavish, asking the super rich kid to feature on the intro of his upcoming mixtape. While most people would be delighted to feature on any famous rapper's album, Lavish had to figure out what Gucci's net worth was before he would even consider.

When Lavish found out Gucci's new worth is "only" $15 million, he called Guwop a "peasant" and refused to help.

"@gucci1017 You my n*gga are a peasant. #PeasantSquad1017 - Get your bricks up you low income n*gga," tweeted Lavish.

He even went on to name Gucci's affiliation with Soulja Boy for his refusal, and continued to call them peasants.

"@gucci1017 n @souljaboy kick it, so therefore NO I will not b apart of Gucci intro for his mixtape. #SayNoToPeasants," said Lavish.

Might we see a Lavish diss from Gucci on this next mixtape in place of the feature?