TMZ obtained photographs of Aaron Hernandez showing some serious signs that he is closely affiliated, if not an official member of, the Bloods.  A picture allegedly taken six years ago in 2007 shows a 17-year-old Hernandez in his senior year at Bristol Central High in Connecticut, wearing red from head-to-toe and throwing up "B" symbols with his hands which indicates that he may in fact be a member of the Bristol Bloods.  

Rumors have been floating through the air for some time now that Hernandez has had ties with the Bloods, and this picture only adds fuel to the fire.  On top of that he has a red tattoo on his right hand just before his knuckles that reads "Blood."  However, the "Blood" tattoo, is part of the saying "Blood, Sweat & Tears" which is also tattooed across his hand.  So it could just be an unfortunate coincidence that he has "Blood" tattooed on his hand as a part of a well-known saying.

Hernandez was charged yesterday with the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd.  More news will follow as this case unfolds.