The main event for the QOTR "Bars Over Everything" (BOE) battle event between Ms. Hustle vs Ms. Fit was an instant classic from the moment Hustle began spitting in the first round.  While Hustle bombed Ms. Fit with a consistent non-stop bar-fest, Ms. Fit countered Hustle's relentless punches with some heavy hitting haymakers throughout the three rounds.  Fit also utilized some effective jokes along with a funny prop in the 2nd round to really make things interesting.

After Hustle effectively utilized a surprising trick in the 3rd round, Ms. Fit came off the top with some great punchlines during a brief freestyle.  It's a very close battle to say the least, and can be judged either way depending on which style you feel was most effective.  However, if you go by the title "Bars Over Everything" then it would lean towards Hustle for her consistent use of bars.

Who do you think won?