Due to the nature and circumstances around his crimes, many people are referring to 57-year-old Stephen Doran as the "real-life Walter White." Doran, a Middle School tutor and former state representative, was arrested and charged with trafficking methamphetamine after allegedly receiving a package of drugs at his school.

Doran's similarity to the "Breaking Bad" character Walter White goes ever further. He's currently undergoing chemotherapy for stage 3 cancer.

"His life is on the line here literally," said Doran's attorney, Vincent Murray Jr. "This is a man being treated for stage 3 cancer at Mass General Hospital."

The package Doran tried to receive at school allegedly contained 480 grams of methamphetamine. After finding the package, the police obtained a search warrant and found another 38 grams of meth, $10,000 cash, and a digital scale.

Doran is being held on $10,000 bail.

Source: huffingtonpost.com