According to the gossip site TattleTailzz, Foxy Brown is starting some serious drama with the man who started her career, Jay-Z. In her accusations, Foxy came at Jay, Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, and even ex-Knick Larry Johnson.

Foxy claims that when she first got in the business, her rising status under Jay-Z came at a price. She says Jay forced her to give up her virginity to him at 15, while also buying her clothes, hair salon visits, and other luxuries. Her, him, and Jamie Foxx allegedly had a threesome as well, which was taped. She says the tape was stolen shortly after.

She's also claiming that the Roc Nation mogul is a tranny chaser, from which he picked up gonorrhea and proceeded to give it to her. And that's not all--Brown claims Jay and ex-NBA player Larry Johnson were f*** buddies at one time,

Yikes. Take all of this with a grain of salt.