A former Korean model by the name of Hang Mioku seriously disfigured her face through years of injecting cooking oil to have plump, beautiful skin. According to several reports, Hang began injecting black market silicone in her face, but as it ran out she resorted to using cooking oil.

Hang admits to becoming obsessed with having smooth skin after moving to Japan, but doctors refused to work on her after her face became noticeably enlarged. She then resorted to doing home procedures, which ended badly.

The result has left her looking completely disfigured, even after an astonishing 10 corrective surgeries. Doctors had to remove 60 grams of silicone, cooking oil, and "other substances" from her face, and 200 grams of cooking oil from her neck. 

She now works at a recycling store and collects state benefits. 

Source: Daily Mail