Rihanna has recently received a boatload of upset comments from her fans due to an Instagram caption she posted recently in regards a picture of her and an unknown little boy.  Rihanna can be seen in the picture wearing a bikini with the little boy sitting on her lap in swim trunks, and the caption reads, "My lil ni*ga #clique."

Rihanna has in the past taken offense to the word when it was used to describe her by a Dutch magazine, who called her a "ni*ga b*tch" and later claimed it to be a joke.  Some followers were upset with the caption and the message that it sends to others, believing that it shouldn't be OK to use this word, especially when addressing a child.  

One follower wrote, "I love the hell out of [Rihanna] but I hate that word."  Another thought that the word shouldn't be used by any culture in general, writing, "That word is derogatory. If some cultures aren't allowed to say it, no one should."

Others came to Rihanna's defense and told her haters to fall back from throwing her shade.

Check out the grease above.

Source: bossip.com