After entering the Intensive Care Unit of Cedars-Sinai hospital last Friday due to at least one seizure, Lil Wayne is now feeling solid enough to tweet. The Young Money head honcho took to Twitter to let everyone know that he appreciated their concern, and even had enough good spirits to make a joke.

"I'm feeling a lot better and again thnk u all for ur love and prayers. It was truly felt...pause," tweeted Weezy.

Wayne also tweeted about the ESPN2 show "Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable," and said he was laughing hysterically.

"Watching Highly Questionable on ESPN2 & Papi got me cry's laughing in dis b!t[#," tweeted Weezy again.

He gave us quite the scare, but thankfully Weezy seems like he's back. Check out his tweets above.