Iggy Azalea was featured on the cover of "Shut Your Pretty Mouth" magazine's latest issue, and during her interview for the mag, she was asked about past issues with Azealia Banks.  Iggy responded by blowing Azealia off as meaning nothing to her, while at the same time pointing out all of the trouble she's started since she got a taste of fame.

"She says sh*t about f*cking anything. She called Perez Hilton a fa**ot. I think she trivialised gay culture... f*cking whatever. She's biased about everybody and everything, even towards the people who help her. She even talked sh*t about the fashion industry after they basically gave her a career. I don't think anything about that girl man, she f*cking talks sh*t out of her arse and that's her business."

Azealia Banks caught wind of Iggy putting her on blast in the magazine and sent out a number of tweets in response.  She mentioned the fact that Iggy was doing an interview to which her name was brought up, so in the end Azealia feels as though she is"winning."  Azealia also sent out a few more tweets where she didn't mention Iggy's name but the content in which she talked about a girl needing to hop off of her "d**k" seemed as though it was aimed at Iggy.

Iggy hasn't really responded to Azealia directly, but did post one tweet saying "I get in fights with kids man #iaintsh*t," which would imply that she considers Azealia Banks to be a child and not worth her time.

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Source: complex.com