Flavor of Love 2 winner and famed urban model Deelishis was assaulted by her estranged husband, along with comedian Michael Blackson last Sunday. Police reports show that Orlando Gordon, Deelishis' estranged spouse, busted through the front door, struck her in the face and ran to the master bedroom, where he saw Blackson. 

Blackson had performed Saturday at the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts in Detroit, and was crashing at Deelishis' home while she slept in her daughter's room. Gordon allegedly chased Blackson out of the bedroom and struck him in his face. 

During Blackson and Gordon's altercation Deelishis found refuge in another bedroom where she locked the door, but as Gordon was trying to break in, she jumped out of the window and ran to a neighbor's home. After jumping out of the second story window Deelishis suffered a wrist injury. 

Gordon is currently awaiting trial in Detroit for allegedly participating in a drug-trafficking operation. Prosecutors are currently asking for his bond to be revoked, partly because of the assault. 

During a prolonged investigation led by federal drug agents, more than $1 million cash, classic cars and more than $130,000 in jewelry – including Deelishis' engagement ring and Rolex watch were seized. 

Source: ebengregory.com