Former "Flavor of Love 2" star Deelishis fought back at a story posted on Media Takeout, claiming she was beat down by a group of exotic dancers in Detroit. Deelishis took to Instagram to debunk the rumors.

"For the 1millionth time this (MediaTakeOut) is a fraudulent site that takes pride in printing fraudulent stories for your entertainment! The headline story printed about ya girl Deelishis is a bold face lie!!! Yes I fractured my wrists & bruised my ankle in an accident involving ice, stairs, Louboutins & clumsiness! However I am fine and will be even better in a few days!"

Deelishis went on to thank her fans, and said that karma would catch up to the haters, including Media Takeout. She also added that if something like this ever happened it would be recorded, much like everything else right now.