New information was brought to light about the 2,000 jobs created when the Barclays Center opened in Brooklyn, revealing that only 100 of the jobs are full-time, and the part time employees don't get health benefits. The information was exposed by Forest City Ratner Companies spokeswoman Ashley Cotton during a recent public meeting highlighting the arena's impact on the surrounding area.

Cotton also explained that while the employees aren't full-time, they are a part of a union, which is a benefit. 

On the flip side, Gib Veconi of the neighborhood advocacy group Brooklyn Speaks claims that the number of jobs originally promised don't measure up, especially when the amount of public subsidies received are looked at. It's been calculated that the arena received about $750 million in direct and indirect taxpayer-funded subsidies, which Veconi added to her equation. 

"If you divide that by 2,000 jobs, that's $375,000 a job. When you look at it in that light, does that seem like it measures up to what the public put into the project? No. You would hope that we created permanent full-time jobs that could support a family for $375,000 of the public's money."