Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose have been bombarded with congratulations from their peers and fans alike after their son Sebastian "The Bash" Taylor Thomaz was born.  Fellow parents 50 Cent and Snooki offered the new parents some advice on how to handle certain baby situations.  50 chopped it up with MTV's "Guy Code" and provided Wiz with some daddy advice on how to read his son's body language and to handle him with gentle care. 

"You've gotta breathe. Inhale, exhale. 'Cause your baby will run your life. It's gonna cry. [Makes crying sound.] WHAT? What's the matter? You need to use the bathroom? You hungry? 'No, I just want you to pick me up.' Or, 'No, I just want you to look at me.'

"That's their whole communication to you, so you have to be patient enough to figure it out, to understand it. ... Also, don't be afraid to actually hold it — it's fragile, so you might be afraid."

Snooki spoke to MTV News where she also gave Wiz some advice on the little things he could do to help Amber, and also how much they both will love their child.

"Wiz and Amber are going to be so surprised to find out how much they actually love their baby. Like, yeah, you're going to love your baby a lot, but I never knew how much I would actually love a human being and I'm just obsessed with Lorenzo.  So they are going to be so obsessed with their baby.

"Watching the baby when Amber wants to get her hair done and get her nails done or even just like put on a nice outfit and do her makeup.  That's what I love best when Jionni takes Lorenzo for a little bit so I can get dolled up and just feel pretty 'cause I think that's the best thing for us new moms. We need to feel pretty."

Source: rollingout.com