According to, an old friend of Adrienne Bosh named Sarah has for some reason decided to come forward and drop major loads of information about Adrienne's past, after Lil Wayne exposed her during All-Star Weekend for having smashed in the past.  Sarah claims that Adrienne moved to Cali from Ohio when she was 19 and met Lil Wayne there, after which she allegedly followed him to Louisiana, where she was dating him on the low while he was with Toya.

Adrienne then apparently moved to New York and eventually Atlanta, after which she dated Delonte West, Deangelo Hall, and John Abraham.  She met Chris Bosh while she was working as a waitress, but it wasn't until a few months later that they actually began dating.  As the world knows they eventually got married and seem to be happy with their lives but according to Sara, Chris' entire family doesn't like her at all.  If this woman's claims are true, then Lil Wayne wasn't lying when he made that announcement at NBA All-Star Weekend.