Kanye West is known for getting candid at his live shows, but many think he stepped over the line on Saturday while performing the first of four shows at London's Hammersmith Apollo. During "Clique," Kanye went on an epic rant about how he doesn't like the Grammys or Jay-Z's new track with Justin Timberlake, "Suit & Tie." 

"Remind me again why Grammys can suck my d-ck. Remind me again who was the original super fly and I got love for HOV but I ain't f-cking with that 'Suit & Tie'" 

He continued, "Remind me again why we in this sh-t? Since when was making music about getting rich. Since when was making art about getting rich. Remind me why we arguing about f-cking somebody else's b-tch? Real n-ggas don't live too long in this sh-t. I can give a f-ck about everything, remind me why we in this sh-t, I lost my muthaf-ckin mom, so I can give a f-ck about your comments. We all gon' die one day but I'mma live my life my way"

Do you think Kanye was out of line, or these are things that needed to be said?

Peep the footage in the above slide and let us know what you think: