In a recent interview with MTV, Raekwon discussed his frequent collaborations with Kanye West, and even mentioned a specific compliment Kanye once gave him.

"He was just like, 'Yo, you like one of the Greek gods in this rap game. It's an honor to be amongst somebody that taught me everything I know,' said Rae. "Kanye is so sincere when it comes to expressing himself, and he was just like, 'I learned everything from ya'll.' But my thing is, 'No, you learned it from hip-hop.' ...We was just part of the movement. When you meet somebody that's really hip-hop, that really love it, they have to sit down and let you know how they feel about things. It's like an introduction, because if you never really worked with that guy before, you want to sit down and get to know him as a person, and that's what we was doing, just vibin', kickin' it and playing a couple things."