Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Records is celebrating 20 years in the biz this weekend, and SSD queen Da Brat recently told AllHipHop what it means to her.

"I feel like the people that loved me from the beginning, still love me," she told AHH. "If you a Brat fan, you a Brat fan. Same thing with So So Def, if you a So So Def fan, no matter J.D. do or what anybody from So So Def do, you gon' be down with it. That's what's so great about our fans, our following, they stay down no matter what we going through."

She also recalled what it was like to meet Dupri for the first time.

"When I first came to Atlanta and J.D. came to pick me up from the first time. He came to pick me up and getting in a convertible all white BMW convertible for the first time, made my mouth drop," she says. "Then, we went to his house and his house was like... Neverland. (Laughter) Big movie screens, TV's, big studio, me being from the West side of Chicago, I had never seen nothing like that. Aw, man... It's so many great memories. It's too many to just pinpoint just one. Like the time I did [the single] 'Give it to You,' all those cameos in my video. Them folks didn't know me, they knew So So Def. They knew J.D., he was able to make all those calls, I mean, they knew 'Funkdafied,' which blew up for me and then everybody wanted to come and participate. It was cool as hell. I had Diddy, I had Biggie, I had T-Boz, I had Mary. Keith Murray. Some of everybody."