West coast rapper Big Hutch aka "Cold 187um" spoke his mind after YMCMB rapper Tyga added "187" to his name, which Hutch felt was disrespectful. Hutch used his manager's Big Shot Music site as a platform to share his thoughts on the situation. 

"I'm not cool with Tyga's use of 187 as his brand for his project(s) because he didn't holla at me about it. Everyone knows who the real 187um is out here in Southern California. That name had been relevant for over two decades and now some new young cat comes along and thinks he can just run with it without at least talking to the originator of the brand?"

Hutch also spoke about how Tyga's "biting" is harming his brand, and other rappers would have the same problem. 

"You can't just use somebody's name or brand to glorify your own existence. That's called 'biting.' Whether people think it's a big deal or not...what happens when people start referring to him as 'Tyga 187' or 'that is the 187 guy;' that simply doesn't sit well with me, especially surrounding the fact him or none of his associates took the time to holla at me about it knowing I'm still a relevant entity in Hip-Hop. If he was to call himself Tyga 'Cocaine,' the real Kokane would have a problem with it. If he was to call himself Tyga 'Quick' or Tyga '8,' the real [DJ] Quik and [MC] Eiht would have a problem with it plain and simple. It's their brand."

Do you agree with Big Hutch? 

Source: hiphopdx.com