JR Smith is famous for stirring up juicy stories just based off of his Twitter activity.  According to Deadspin, JR Smith was in contact with an 18-year-old high school student via direct message on Twitter last month while the Knicks were in Philadelphia to face the 76ers.  

While the legal age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16 and the girl is 18, the real gripping part of this story is not how young the girl is, but rather the line that JR used to see if she was down to see him privately.  Rather than try and beat around the bush, flirt for a while, or play the gentleman role and sweet talk the girl to boredom, JR took the direct route and got straight to the point.  

"You trying to get the pipe," he asked her directly.

The DM has since gone public, and instead of going off on a Twitter rant about the girl blasting their business, JR simply replied with a simple Instagram image which says it all.  He's really about that "pipe" life, as you'll see when you check out the photo.  

Peep the comedy above.  How do you feel about JR Smith's off-court game?