The footage from Pat Stay vs Shotty Horroh finally dropped.  The battle took place out in Sweden and it appears as though both MCs didn't really come too prepared for this battle.  Shotty freestyled for the most part and Pat spit some writtens with a few slip ups.  The battle was also dumbed down by the lack of crowd reaction which is always a major buzz kill.

But it's hard not to notice the recycled bars Pat used from this battle, when he faced off against Math Hoffa in the most recent KOTD Blackout 3 event. When Pat spit his round you can clearly hear his "flow is wolf backwards" line and some that followed are word-for-word the same bars he used against Math Hoffa.  It was only a few bars but still, after the situation with Arcane, it's raises eyebrows about how often past battle bars or bars from other rappers are used.

Regardless Pat Stay is a very good battle rapper who is well respected for the work he's put in.  At least the bars spit in both battles were Pat's.

What do you think about the situation?