K. Michelle recently appeared on Power 105's The Breakfast Club, where she addressed a situation that occurred last October between her and Lyfe Jennings at a concert in Tampa.  She explained that she refused to perform because she didn't want to, nor did she have any clue that she was going to be the opening act for Lyfe Jennings.  She admitted that she thought it was ridiculous for her to be the opening act when she was promoting the concert heavily and she wasn't even aware that he had been released from jail.  In the end, she regrets not sucking it up and going out to perform for her fans anyway.

"I was so wrong for that. Let me tell you. They were promoting me. They didn't even have Lyfe Jennings on the flyers really. No one knew he was out of jail, so I get there and he [had told] them 'No, she needs to open up for me.' It was a crowd of women and you were using my name and promoting me. I was like, 'No, he's going to go on first, he's been in jail. I've been out here working and grinding, you been in jail!'

"I ended up saying I would go on but by then the promoters was like 'No.' I made a lot of people pissed off in Tampa. I learned as an artist regardless of anything your fans come first. Just f-k it. Just go out there and sing and let them get up and leave after. I should have went on but I was like, 'Damn, we didn't know you was out, bruh.'"

Lyfe Jennings wasn't too fond of K. Michelle dropping some grease on his name over the radio, and decided to take to Twitter to voice his opinion on K. Michelle.  While he doesn't go too deep into sending negative personal shots at her, he did let her know that he thinks she's losing fans by talking bad about him and that he'd never do a show with her in the future.  He later transitioned into a full out Twitter rant about the music industry and how business really works behind the scenes. 

Check out his tweets above.

Source: theurbandaily.com