Yesterday, February 19th, Wiz Khalifa posted a picture of a heartbeat graph being printed out of a fetal monitor and the Twitter universe went into a craze wondering if this was finally the moment all of the "Rosebuds" and "Rosestuds" have been waiting for.  Many were convinced that Amber was going into labor and that their son was going to be born very soon. However, those were all just high hopes with little truth to support them.

She is in fact due on February 24th, but Amber hasn't gone into labor just yet.  The picture that Wiz posted was actually from a recent doctor's appointment they went to.  She cleared up the misunderstanding on Twitter and ensured her many fans that their baby will be born very soon. Whether it be before or after the projected due date, he is definitely going to be making his entry into this world very soon.

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