Uncle Luke and Lil Wayne's longstanding beef was furthered as Luke ripped Wayne apart in a new "Miami Times" article, where he wrote "Lil Wayne treats Miami like his bitch because people let him." Luke then shared his thoughts about Wayne dissing the Miami Heat in a rant at his All-Star Weekend concert.

"When Weezy claimed he was thrown out of the Heat home game versus the Lakers, the franchise tried to downplay the incident, saying they only asked him to leave and he left on his own. That was a bitch move."

Luke also wants to know if other Miami rappers will be hanging out with Wayne after what he said, and saying that they need to set Wayne straight about his trash talking.

"I want to know what DJ Khaled, and all these so-called 305 rappers who hang with Lil Wayne have to say about him disrespecting our home team. They need to set Lil Wayne straight. When you disrespect Miami, you can't be allowed into any arena, restaurant, club, or even McDonald's to get a burger. And you better not show your face in the hood."

He ended things by saying that when he had beef with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg they had to cancel their concerts in Miami, and claimed that none of what Wayne said would've happened on his watch.

"None of this bulls*it would have happened under my watch. In 1992, when I had a beef with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, they had to cancel a concert in Miami. For years, they couldn't set foot in the 305 because it was so hot. Suge Knight had to come down and smoke a peace pipe with me."

Do you agree with Uncle Luke?

Source: thesource.com