Drake may have grown up in front of the camera as far as the world is concerned but when it comes to his musical career and all of the success he's earned over the years, that was all a product of consistent hard work.  

His new track "Started From the Bottom" became an instant hit from the moment it was released and he spoke to MTV to explain how that song is a representation of his life.

"The gist of it was kinda the back story of my life.  I don't really speak on it that much, which kinda allows people the opportunity to make up what they want about me.

"I just wanted to make it known that I did work really hard to get here and it wasn't just a fluke and it wasn't easy by any means.  That was kinda the message behind it.  Obviously everything I do is for Toronto, that's why the video looks the way it does."

Source: hiphopblog.com