Lil Wayne threw some heavy fire at Chris Bosh on Sunday night during an NBA All-Star Weekend performance.  Wayne has been upset ever since he was asked to vacate a recent Miami Heat game, and took his anger out by specifically blasting Miami Heat players during his performance in front of a large crowd of people.  He went a step further by throwing a major low-blow at Chris Bosh by claiming that he slept with his wife, Adrienne Williams Bosh.

"F--k LeBron, f--k She-Wade, f--k Chris Bosh, f--k all them ni--as, man.  And, and, and, I f--ked Chris Bosh wife."

Wayne shouted the above disses to the crowd and according to TMZ, he actually tried to get the crowd involved by screaming, "When I say f--k, you say nba.. When I say f--k, you say the Miami heat."

Chris Bosh's wife Adrienne hasn't directly addressed the hurtful claims spit out by Lil Wayne, and it's unclear if he said them with intentions of actually revealing some truth or just sending a grimy shot at Chris Bosh.  However, she did re-tweet several tweets containing messages about positivity and truth and disregarding hatred from others.  Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade's wife, even sent out a tweet that while not directly aimed at Lil Wayne, carried the tone that she was speaking in defense of her husband, the Miami Heat and Adrienne as well.

Check out all of the tweets above.  How do you feel about Lil Wayne's negative Miami Heat antics?