Instagram has become an extremely hot social networking commodity over the years and it's steadily expanding.  Everyone is using it, from the "Average Joe" to your favorite celebrity, and it's allowed everyone to see more personal sides of people that may not be portrayed in the public eye otherwise.

Whether it's a picture of a cup of coffee in the morning or popping Ace Of Spades bottles in the club, everyone is enjoying the ability to capture memorable moments of their lives and share them with their family, friends, and often the world.

VladTV is a well-known website most popular with fans who visit it to check out hot new stories regarding music and celebrity drama, but aside from that there's not too much more that the world gets to see behind the scenes of VladTV.  

Vlad isn't always putting himself out in the spotlight, but thanks to Instagram the general public can now get a more personal glimpse into the lavish life of Vlad and VladTV.

Check out some of our hottest Instagram pictures above, and make sure you check out the official VladTV Instagram page here.