According to Gossip Extra, Chad Johnson's quest to win back the heart of his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada has taken a pause, for he apparently has his sights set on a new very attractive woman. The woman, TV meteorologist Jennifer Reeves, recently became available again after filing for divorce from her husband, Brad Reeves, on January 23rd, so if Chad really does have intentions of becoming closer with her the window is open.  

Gossip Extra claims that Chad inquired about Jennifer through a mutual friend and fellow WTVJ-TV colleague Christina Hernandez.  Ms. Hernandez has apparently claimed that Chad "flooded" her Twitter page with questions about Reeves just days after her divorce from Brad was made public news.  Gossip Extra informed Brad Reeves of the alleged news that Chad is after his soon-to-be ex-wife and Brad's reaction according to the website was a simple shocked, "Good lord!"

We'll have to wait to see if these claims are true as time passes.