Soulja Boy has fallen victim to several vicious rumors about his financial status and being dropped from Interscope, all of which he cleared up in a recent interview with Complex.

When asked about the state of his finances, Soulja replied "I feel like it ain't nobody's business, but at the same time, I'm sitting on M's. You got some rappers, that's been rapping 10-plus years, they just now getting their first million."

He added, "My hustle is just so immaculate. If I go broke today, and I have zero dollars in the bank account today, I have so much work that I could go do, that I'm going to make it right back."

Soulja also talks about charging for tweets on his website, revealing that it was another part of his hustle and people were just mad they didn't think of it first.

"I just feel like ni**as was mad that they didn't think of that first. Because I made damn near $100,000 when I put that on my website."

He continued "I felt like people got mad like "Damn, why ain't I think of that first? Damn, I coulda did that.' I didn't look at it as "Soulja Boy going broke" or "Soulja Boy ain't getting money." It's like, "Soulja Boy done thought of another way to flip this shit." So they got mad. If they knew they could've made $100,000, or any kind of money, they would've done it too."

As for his relationship with Interscope, Soulja revealed that the label is just "waiting for me to come up with something crazy," and he's produced songs on Lil Wayne's upcoming "I am Not a Human Being 2." While he's not listed as an artist on Interscope any longer, Soulja says that's just because his contract was up, and he's got the option of resigning with them or another label.

"So it's like, right now, I got the option to go back and re-do my contract and re-do my budget, and re-do all that. Or I could just go with any other label. I got options right now."