Muhammad Ali is worth millions earned during an illustrious boxing career, yet one of his children isn't seeing any of the fortune.

A reporter from the Florida Newsday recently paid a visit to Muhammad Ali Jr. at his home in the very rough neighborhood of Englewood, Chicago.

According to the story, Ali Jr. lives on food stamps with his wife and two kids.

"During his glittering career, Ali made and lost several fortunes. In 2006, however, he sold his image rights to CKX (now Core Media Group), which also controls the rights to Elvis Presley's image. The deal, which covers licensing rights and trademarks, was worth at least £30 million — more than enough to keep Ali and his wife in comfort for the rest of their lives.

Why, then, must Muhammad Ali Junior, 40, his wife Shaakira and their daughters, aged five and four, languish in a charity-furnished garret owned by his in-laws, scraping by on food-stamps worth £135 a month, plus the few dollars he earns selling autographed photos and doing odd-jobs?"

Ali Jr. told the reporter that his dire straights are the result of Muhammad Ali's fourth wife Lonnie ostracizing him and his family.