Bow Wow recently blasted Xscape singer Kandi Burruss on Twitter for deciding not to participate in the 20th Anniversary concert for So So Def records in Atlanta on February 23rd.  Jermaine Dupri addressed the situation on "Sister 2 Sister" during a recent interview, and according to JD, he isn't going to pick sides on the matter, but rather focus on the positive mark that the 20th Anniversary So So Def concert will leave in history.

"I don't feel anything at all [about those comments]. I'm not even thinking about that.  Do you know how crazy this concert is? For me to even think about that is a waste of my time. The approach of getting 13 artists all in the same place and to perform all of these hits is so much more positive than I have to put into that. That little talking, that stuff means nothing to me.

"I'm at a moment in life where I had a couple of my friends pass away and it made me feel as though maybe I should take advantage of this opportunity while I'm here. All the artists are here, well and healthy. You never know what the 21st anniversary will look or feel like."