T.I. and Tiny have been together for a very long time and literally have lived through the "for better or for worse" part of their marriage and know that they are fully committed to one another. That also means that they've have a lot of time on their hands to experiment with one another in private, and on a recent episode of Tiny's new show, Tiny Tonight, she revealed some interesting details regarding her sex life with T.I.

The episode was a Valentine's Day special, and Tiny spoke openly about her and T.I. having recorded their very own homemade sex tape(s) and how she thought they were nasty but would sell for millions if they ever got released.

"[It was] real nasty. [Claudia: On a scale of one to ten?] Fifteen. They were nasty. They were outside and everything. It was ridiculous. I had fun and the police got it [when they raided our house] and they probably had fun with it too. I just wanted to see if it looks as good as it really is. Our sex tape was like... we could probably get ten million."

The public will have to wait and see if this footage is ever released.

Source: ebengregory.com