Amber Rose may be heavily pregnant and nearing her due date, but the soon to be mommy is tired of being asked when her due date is. Amber took to Twitter on Saturday, saying "If one more fu*ker asks me why am I still pregnant I'm blocking their as*es! Blame the hormones I don't give a sh*t :-)"

Amber has been staying on top of her fitness regime while pregnant, relying on yoga to keep fit for the home birth she's opted for. After watching the documentary "The Business of Being Born" Amber decided on a home birth, claiming the movie changed her life.

Amber tweeted Ricki Lake, who was the executive producer of the movie, saying "Thx @RickiLake 4 making "The Business of Being Born" it changed my life & I'm looking forward 2 my home water birth wish me luck! Hugs :-)"

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Source: Twitter