New details have emerged in the parking brawl between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean, according to TMZ.

According to the official incident report, Ocean told police that Brown punched him in the face after Ocean told Brown that he had taken his parking space outside of the recording studio where it all went down.

According to Ocean, Brown tried to shake his hand, but Ocean refused, telling Brown he had taken his parking spot. At that point, Ocean claims Brown punched him in the face. Ocean claims that two of Brown's goons then got involved, pushing Ocean into a corner and attempting to kick him.

Ocean believes he heard someone yell "f**got", but is uncertain as to who made the statement.

In the report, Ocean claims that Brown also threatened to shoot him, saying, "We can bust on you too!" Ocean said the fight lasted around two to three minutes.

According to the report, Ocean suffered a cut on his right index finger and left temple. He refused medical treatment at the scene but did later pay a visit to the hospital.