An L.A. District Attorney is making a serious move in Chris Brown's probation case, filing legal documents that claim Chris violated his probation by turning in bogus records for his community service. TMZ reveals that Chris may have lied when he performed his community service in connection with the Rihanna assault case.

Bryan T. Norwood, the Chief of Police in Richmond, VA., produced a letter to the judge on September 14th, showing that Chris had served 202 days of community service, but he was only supposed to serve 180. The D.A. found holes in the case when Chris was out of the country doing concerts on the dates he was supposed to be doing community service.

Chris spent his time at the Tappahannock Children's Center, where his mom was once a director, where he was supervised 9 or 10 times by Richmond P.D., and other times was not supervised at all. The D.A. also claims that Chris and the former Chief of Police had a prior relationship. A key administrator at the center told the D.A. she never saw Chris doing any service at the facility.

The D.A. called out Chris' documentation, saying it's "at best sloppy ... and at worst fraudulent reporting."

He is now asking the judge to reject Chris' alleged Virginia community service, and have him fulfill his community service hours in Los Angeles.

Source: TMZ