Master P recently released a new track called "Brick To a Million," and on the track he spit a few lines about guys in hip-hop wearing skirts and riding skateboards which lead everyone to believe he was taking shots at Kanye West and Lil Wayne.  However, he clarified during his interview with Big Boy's Neighborhood that he was addressing a particular radio station employee who tried to diss him and say that his career wasn't going to come back, and the individual was wearing a skirt and riding a skateboard at the time.

"New n*ggas wearin' dresses. F*ck it, I ain't scared to address it/Gangster n*ggas on skateboards? I'm at the house breakin' motherf*ckin' headboards/Real n*ggas stand up. Three dollar n*ggas y'all man up."

Check out the interview above and hit the next page to listen to Master P's "Brick To a Million."