2012 was a huge year for King Of The Dot. The league has hosted loads of quality battles with some great competition on an international scale.  Everyone from Don't Flop, Smack/URL, UW, and other battle leagues stepped into the KOTD ring to show off their lyrical skill...even Canibus...

In the United States KOTD may not hold as much weight as Smack/URL, but it is a league that should definitely be respected as it's done so much already to contribute to the battle culture and help it expand as a whole.  

Here is a list of the Top 30 KOTD Battles From 2012.  If you have any issues with the order of the list, or know of any battles that may not have been included, please feel free to comment as freely as you'd like or contact me directly on Twitter @hughes1128.

Check out the list above.