Kanye West has been working on a new album, and a rumor has emerged that the title of the project will be "Rich Black American." A screen caption of a computer was leaked online which shows the title and 2013 release date, along with a slew of A-list guest appearances, including Beyonce, Pusha-T, Frank Ocean, Florence Welch, Skrillex and Big Sean.

Both Skirllex and Big Sean have previously mentioned that they were working on Kanye's new album, which fueled the rumors accompanying the photo. The track "Perfect B*tch," an ode to Kim Kardashian, is also listed on the album.

Previously, Kanye fell victim to a hoax involving the album when the website Black American Psycho posted a release date for the album which turned out to be fake.

Do you think this photo is just another fake, or do you believe it's the real deal?

Source: hiphopwired.com