34-year-old porn star Coco Brown is currently undergoing training to become the first porn star to travel to space in March of 2014.  She is in the Netherlands undergoing various forms of gravity training, and if she passes she will also become just the second African American woman to go to space.  Brown detailed to The Huffington Post how she was offered the opportunity by a private company in the Netherlands, SpaceXC, which is trying to establish private space travel by the Spring of 2014.

"I was at a luncheon in Berlin and I was specially invited and they were talking about going into space.  It's that simple."

She's put up $100,000 to go through the training and space flight which will take her about 62 miles above the Earth's surface if she manages to pass the training.  She'll have to pass a Desdemona Simulator which simulates G-forces up to 3Gs, as well as other training.  She doesn't plan on attempting any serious sexual activities while on the trip but she will still try and have a lot of fun.

"I have to do Zero G gravity training," she explained. "That's where an aircraft takes you up 30,000 feet and then drops like it's going to have an air crash to about 15,000 feet. Then you have zero gravity. They do it at certain intervals and then levels off being dropped and then you feel different types of gravity.

"Trying to have sex in space is a little difficult, especially if you're going to do Zero G.  You just really don't have that much control. People have to learn how working in no gravity functions before you do a porn there.  We have gear that we have to wear, but I'll see what I can do up there.  Maybe I'll pop my boob out and take a photo of it with the Earth in the background."

Source: huffingtonpost.com