Despite YMCMB star Nicki Minaj landing her role on the hit show American Idol, Lil Wayne says he's never tuned in to watch his artist do her thing.

"Actually I've never watched it," revealed Wayne at a Trukfit meet-and-greet at a New Orleans Macy's store.

Nicki warned Weezy beforehand that he likely wouldn't want to watch the show anyways. "When I talk to her she always tells me, 'You don't wanna watch that, you're not going to be into it," explained Weezy.

Wayne has apparently been seeing the headlines about Nicki's beef with Mariah Carey, and doesn't want to be involved in it at all.

"She knows me," said Tunechi. "It's kind of like a catfight where they be going back and forth type of thing, I'm not into all that."