Being convicted of murder is a hard reality for anyone to have to face, but it's even harder when you're only 22 years old and have your entire life ahead of you. Nickey Maxwell Van Exel, who is former NBA player Nick Van Exel's son, got hit with a legal hammer on Thursday, January 31st, when he was found guilty of murder by a Dallas County jury.  

Nicky was found guilty of shooting and killing his longtime friend Bradley Bassey Eyo back in December of 2010.  Nicky's defense was that they were actually just playing around with a shotgun at his home in Garland when it happened to go off.  He claims that he was unaware that the firearm was loaded.  Only problem here is that Nicky proceeded to dump Bradley's body in Lake Ray Hubbard, on the outer perimeter of Dallas, TX, which really makes him appear guilty.