Big Boi and Andre 3000 began the hit hip-hop group OutKast and came out with their first debut single "Player's Ball" back in late 1993.  It's now nearly 20 years down the road and the two are still highly relevant forces in hip-hop.  Big Boi chopped it up with Big Boy's Neighborhood on Power 106 about the potential for them to put together some sort of celebration for their pending 20-year OutKast anniversary.

"We been kind of discussing some things. Once we map it out, we'll make an announcement. But we'll see.  it's 20 years, man. We started out at 15, 16 years old. We made our first album when we were 17 years old. Twenty-five million records later, seven Grammys, I feel great."

When asked about the general music fanbase craving another collaborative release from OutKast, Big Boi stated:

"I definitely want to see it, too.  We gon' see. Mum's the word right now, but we gon' see.  We been making music so long together that our catalog really speaks for itself.  So if you want to branch out and do other stuff and catch different vibes, that's cool. But it's bigger than music. I just think of him as a serial killer, because everything he get on is sharp or whatever. When he do these records, he'll come and be like, 'Hey man, I'ma play something for you.' He'll come to my house and I'll hear the stuff before it comes out."

How badly do you want to hear new music from OutKast?