Fabolous recently chopped it up with XXL Magazine about the current evolving state of hip-hop.  He claimed that New York hip-hop specifically has forever changed and will probably never go back to the old school 90s/early 2000s "gangsta rap" music that it once was.

"It's a different generation and even though it's on an upswing, it's on the upswing of this generation. I don't think it's ever going to be the 90s/2000 New York, and people might have to rationalize with that and accept it.  It's only going to be the New York of now. It's still a staple for music, it's just that the music coming out of here hasn't been the strongest because New York music is not dictating a sound anymore. I don't mean to say that our music is wack, it's just not the number one sound right now. Right now, 'Ratchet' music is mainstream. New York's music used to be street, gangsta music. That was our ratchet music."

How do you feel about the current state of New York hip-hop?

Source: sohh.com