If you live in NYC, then you've likely had an absurd run-in with the NYPD. In a recent incident at a Bronx elementary school, the NYPD arrested third-grader Wilson Reyes, brought him to the precinct, and handcuffed him to a pipe in the holding room. According to his mother, the 9-year-old was detained at school for 4 hours, and then taken to the 44th precinct for 6 hours.

It all started after Reyes was accused of punching a student and stealing his $5 on December 4. Differing reports in the major New York newspapers make it difficult to describe the scene that led to Reyes' detainment, but it sounds like the young kid was made the fall guy in a very confusing situation. Due to the confusion, the police were called in.

Reyes' mother, Frances Mendez, is threatening to sue the city for $250 million for the whole ordeal. The NYPD claims they only held Reyes for just under 5 hours, and that kids aged 7 to 17 must be charged as juveniles. The victim in all of this, referring to the kid who lost his $5, reportedly claimed Reyes has been bullying him about his weight. This will be quite the court case.  

Check out the infamous cover of the NY Post with Reyes on the cover above.

Source: hiphopwired.com