New Orleans native Lil Wayne is excited that football's biggest day of the year is going down in his hometown, but told MTV that he doesn't really care on who wins and just plans on enjoying the game with his family.

"I'm excited for it to be in New Orleans, for the city, period," he told MTV News on the set of his upcoming "B------ Love Me" video. "Just for the city to get that kind of respect and that recognition, after such a tragedy [like Hurricane Katrina]." Still, come Super Sunday, either the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers will be hosting the Lombardi Trophy. So who's Wayne's pick to win it all? Well, since his beloved Packers aren't playing, it turns out he doesn't really have one. He's just going to be watching like the rest of us. "I'm going to just chill with family, enjoy the game like everybody else," he said. "My team's not in it, so I aint trippin'."