T.I. is no stranger to guns, as he has in the past gotten into serious trouble with the law due to the firearms he had in his possession.  After the Sandy Hook shooting and all of the other gun violence that has followed, there has been a major amount of pressure on government officials to conduct some sort of changes to the gun laws in our country.  T.I. isn't legally allowed to have a firearm but he does feel as though in certain areas of society, a firearm is very necessary.  He spoke to Reuters about his views on the presence of guns in America.

"I can't possess a firearm (due to previous convictions), so whether they make them illegal or not is gonna be the same thing for me. But I see a need for them. I've been in circumstances where I've had them every day and nothing happened. I've been in circumstances where I didn't have them, and I needed them. In certain areas of society, having a firearm is just as common as having bottled water. ... If you're a shopkeeper, a barbershop owner, a convenience store owner and you handle cash in and out of this area, if everyone knows that you don't have a firearm, then you are basically prey. In these areas, bullets are just as common as sticks of gum, you know what I'm saying? So I think I speak for those people."

Source: sohh.com