Kreayshawn's debut album "Somethin' Bout Kreay" didn't take off quite like her break-out hit "Gucci Gucci," and her friend Lil Debbie seemed to have some insight on the situation.

Debbie told SOHH, "I really wasn't surprised. I think that what had happened was she came out with 'Gucci Gucci' and people really liked 'Gucci Gucci' and then I think she put out an album and she put too much random sh*t on the album. People couldn't really tell who she was. I think it was just too different.

She added, "You're going to put out 'Gucci Gucci' and that's great, and someone else is going to write it for you and it's great, that's how the music industry is but if you're going to do that and do an album, then do it with the same person that did that 'Gucci Gucci' song for you. Or do an album that's going to relate to the 'Gucci Gucci' song. I think she put 'Gucci Gucci' out and she sat around too long."

Do you agree?