Tony Yayo recently spoke to MTV News about the end of G-Unit, explaining that the three Queens rappers let money and ego destroy their group.

"You know what's crazy? It's like when we didn't have any money, things were better," Yayo says. "When everybody got money, it's like things just went downhill, so it's like, I dunno, egos."

"I would love to see a G-Unit reunion. I would love to see me, Banks and 50 definitely onstage," he explained. "When we were broke, and we didn't have a pot to piss in, we were all callin' each other's phones and that's the thing that just upsets me the most, and it makes me just want to say, 'F**k Rap.'"

"Loyalty is my biggest thing. 50 helped all of us eat. We all had mansions; we all had Bentleys; so if Fif is in a bad mood or feels a certain way that day, you just eat that. You learn to judge your friends for who they are," Yayo shared.