Joe Budden has previously established that he and Eminem have similar personalities, so it would only make sense that the two would get in the studio to make music. During a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Joe revealed that there's still a possibility that they will make music in the future, but the timing has to be right.

"It's possible. We haven't done solely a him and I record. We haven't done that. We've been in the studio together, but we haven't recorded. And I mean the one time that I had a record where I thought it would make sense for the both of us to do, he was really heavy into his album. I didn't want to interrupt that."

When asked by Whoo Kid if he was lyrically intimidated by Eminem, Joe responded with a quick "no," adding "[We're] Eerily similar. I agree with that.  That's why I think the record would be different and it would make so much sense more than people actually know."