Kobe Bryant is letting everyone know that he's behind his wife Vanessa 100% after defending her against a Twitter follower's slick comments earlier this week. The Lakers superstar made a sweet gesture of getting Vanessa a Starbucks drink, which he shared on his twitter page with the caption, "Morning coffee with my wife @LadyVB24 (instagram) vanilla latte for me. Passion tea for her #morningaddiction."

A fan by the name of "lukashMAYYN" responded back saying "but... #shewasntwithyoushootinginthegym," a clever line from Drake's "Stay Schemin," which set Kobe into full-defense mode.

Kobe fired back, tweeting "no, she wasn't. She was busy raising our kids. #nonanny #respectmothers"

Check out the tweets in the above slide:

Source: globalgrind.com